Be Wholly

Atlanta Dream Center Wholly Following God

Caleb inherited the promise land because he “wholly followed after God”. How do you know if you are wholly following God?

Tearing Down Walls

Atlanta Dream Center Tearing Down The Wall

Have you ever felt distant from God? I know I have. There have been many times in my life where I felt like there was a wall between Him and I. You don’t have to … Read More

Our Vision

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“A vision is not a dream, but a reality that has yet to come into existence.” – Neil Snyder, James Dowd, & Diane Morse Houghton. A vision is a clear picture of something we want … Read More

No Ox = Cleanliness.

I love to read Proverbs. Daily, I try to read a chapter from Proverbs that coincides with the date of the month. It is a habit I learned from my beautiful bride, Suzanna. Beyond being a well of wisdom, it is a useful tool for keeping discipleship in the forefront of my life. We all need discipleship. I figure being discipled by Solomon’s writings is a great way to start the day.


If you are anything like me, I wrestle with God on just about everything He tells me to do. If he tells me to pray for someone out loud I tell Him not yet. If He says to be generous I tell Him I don’t need to be too generous. If He speaks to me about my facebook post I am writing I tell Him that my little world on social media needs to be set straight. What can I say? Surrendering isn’t fun. The very definition of “surrender” is fun sucking.

Season and Consequences Sermon

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Pastor Tommy speaking on Seasons & Consequences.
The Atlanta Dream Center Church is a church for everyone (that includes you!). If you are a new believer or an old believer we want to be the place that you call home.

The Atlanta Dream Center Church was started in 2005 by Paul and Patty Palmer. With a van, a lawnmower and a couple kids they began going around the Old 4th Ward in Atlanta, GA asking neighbors how they can help. That simple question, “how can we help” has been the mantra of the Dream Center Church over the last decade and a half.