Slide Slide Slide The Atlanta Dream Center Church was a home for Christmas this year all thanks to you and your generosity. Because of your wonderful gifts we were able to celebrate Christmas with 150 men and women in homelessness. On December 19th, 2020 we held our very first "Home for Christmas" event and it was a huge success. But we didn't stop there. On December 25th, Christmas Day, we went out on the streets of Atlanta and celebrated with those who couldn't attend our event.
We want to say thank you for making this the best Christmas we have ever had.
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Slide Our mission was successful "Home For Christmas" had three goals in mind: give men and women in homelessness an opportunity to enjoy a merry Christmas, experience the love of Christ and hear the Gospel. We accomplished that goal thanks to you! Make A Donation 1 Give a gift.

Every attendee on December 19th received a gift. We gave 85 gifts that day to those in homelessness. The building was filled with tears and laughter as people opened up their gifts together in celebration of Christmas. Then, on Christmas Day, we took the remaining presents to the streets of Atlanta to continue giving Christmas to those who don't have a home to celebrate
2 Show a way out.

Through our partners, we scheduled 8 people to get them off the streets immediately and we are looking to schedule even more. Every schedule meeting is an opportunity to end their homelessness for good!
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3 Provide a place to celebrate Christmas.

Thanks to our friends at Ambius Inc. we had perfectly decorated trees to place presents under. Thanks to our friends at M25 BBQ we were able to serve delicious brisket and barbecued chicken. Thanks to our partners at Anyone Can Achieve we were able to provide gifts for everyone. It was a perfect collaboration for a perfect Christmas.

Slide 1. The Gift We went beyond a gift. Each box contained over $100.00 of quality products. Below is a list of the items. Here are some quotes from the event:

"I have never received a gift for Christmas"

"This church really thought about us."

"Finally, someone who gave us something we need"
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Our gift financial target $15,000 of our $15,000 target was raised for our gifts Because of the generosity of you and your family's we were able to buy 150 gifts to give to those in the streets of Atlanta. We gave out 85 on December 19th and 65 more on Christmas Day. We can't say it enough. Thank you. Donate Now

Slide 2. A Way Out Through our partners, we are providing a way out. For each person who attended the event we are paying for their way out of homelessness and into a program.

Through our partners we are ready to pay for each individual wanting to get into a home hope holiday season and beyond because of the generosity of you.
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Slide Our program financial target $15,000 of our $15,000 target was completely raised We currently have the funds to place all 150 people that we served on the 19th because of our partners at Everyone Can Achieve and their CEO Earl Cooper. Learn More about ECA

Slide 3. A place to enjoy Christmas Our church became a home to so many people living on the streets of Atlanta all because of generosity. Donate Today Ambius Our friends at Ambuis donated 4 perfect Christmas trees to lay the 150 presents under. Because of them and the hard work of volunteers, our church transformed from a sanctuary into a home for many. M25 BBQ M25 BBQ provided enough barbecue for 150 men and women along with volunteers who prepared side items and dishes for everyone who attended so that everyone could enjoy a Christmas Meal. Our Children's Church Celebrated with tears and a standing ovation from our friends in the streets, our children's church performed a Christmas play for all the attendees. Beyond the gifts and food, for many, this Christmas production was the most special part of the day.