Pastor Paul hugging Man at Atlanta Dream Center church 69 hours
to make a
We are going homeless for 69 hours to raise $138k to change the city of Atlanta. You can be the change. Donate today! Donate Today 123k to go
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Atl dream center church homeless "If it wasn't for the
Dream Center
I'd still be homeless"
Read the stories and see why your funds are paving a way for change in the city of Atlanta and abroad through the love of Christ. Donate Today $123K to go
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walking back from
selling cocaine
I met Jesus
Listen to the founder of the Atlanta Dream Center Church, Pastor Paul, tell his story of what Jesus did in his life. Donate Today $124K to go
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69 hours homeless
for his 69th
A tradition 4 years in the making. Pastor Paul celebrates his birthday by going homeless to raise funds for the Atlanta Dream Center. Follow his birthday tradition on Facebook live starting May 22nd at 1pm. Donate Today
a B $124K to go

Atl dream center church homeless These stories of change show how the Atlanta Dream Center Church is impacting lives everyday through the love of Jesus. Read Now Atl dream center church homeless The Stories

Pastor Paul's Story Listen to the story of when Pastor Paul Palmer found Jesus on his walk to sell cocaine Listen Now on Apple Podcast Listen FEATURED STORY